How to Choose the Right Fully Automated Grow Room

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is not just safe but also very economic. You can pick the produce only when you need them, keeping them fresh all year round. The benefits are endless. Before making a purchase, be sure to have all the following factors figured out:

Maximum Space for the Grow Box

Determine first where in the house you want to set-up the box. After this, find out how much room you can use for growing. This is important since you cannot compute the expected yield without knowing how many plants you can grow at a time.

Type of Plants

If you have favorite fruits or vegetables in mind, find out how long till they yield and the conditions they require for indoor growth. Make a list of plants that bear fruit in similar periods and group them together. This will help you in choosing what to plant together and how to arrange them in the grow box. A fully automated grow room is best suited for big boxes with more than five types of plants. You can alter the settings individually to match specific conditions.

Time Available for Box Maintenance

Boxes come in a variety of features that make maintenance less of a hassle. Pre-fabricated boxes only need to be plugged-in and then you can have your own home-grown produce with just a few minutes of maintenance per week. There are other set-ups that allows you to be out of town for a week or two without worries. The more convenient they are, the higher the required investment.

At the start of your plan, make sure to set expectations. Growing plants anywhere requires patience and diligence. As long as you keep everything running according to the suggested numbers, you should be able to grow the plants you need. Keep the box free from weeds and dead plants regularly and you’re good to go.