Popular Gomovies

Popular movies seem to stay popular forever. Those movies, no matter how old they are, benefit from reruns on TV and now on the internet. It is usual that popular movies will have a cast of leading actors and actresses during their days. Reruns of old movies are like hand downs to generation to generation. It cannot be denied that memorable films with good stories or plots will be liked by any generation that can relate to them. They are not like really old songs or tunes that following generations hardly appreciate. A good number of popular movies new and old can be watched online on web sites like that of gomovies 9. It is a web site that assures no ads will show while watching movies.

Comedy movies

Comedy movies are one of movie genres that most movie goers commonly like. Many people love funny things or situations because laughter relaxes the mind, body and soul. Comedy does not get old because laughter comes at any age. Good old comedy movies will make any generation laugh and enjoy them. Other genres like love stories, drama, action, war movies, martial arts and the rest are not commonly enjoyed by movie goers. Those who love the other genres might like two or other three of them.Comedy has sub-genres like action-comedy, war-comedy, horror-comedy and the likes of it. The entertainment that comedy brings to audience made movie producers come up with the sub-genres.

The cast’s influence

The cast’s influence in a movie can be a come-in to movie goers. Avid fans of an actor or actress will usually watch a movie they are in and it does matter what genre it is. It also does not matter if it is rumored to be a film not worth watching or the star does not fit the role. A good number of movies of top stars did not make good for some reason or another.