Boosting The Boss With Lol

I am the boss at the office but I treat my staff as equals after work and would address each other by first names and do not mind the job heirarchy outside the office. We sometimes hangout in the nearby bar to have some punch or beer, and the girls would usually get desserts or some other stuff, the usual way for us to have a relief from stress after a busy week, and I would never allow them to talk about any topics at work as my thought would says that we are here to unwind so no work related topic or conversations.

I asked them when on a regular day, what would they be doing after office, four of them have said they do league of legends and I asked them what it was as I do not know anything about elo boosting, so they took time to explain it to me, and they try to define everything about it, and they are sure that I did not understand any of what they are saying and invited me if I would want to join them the next time after office if they are going to play the league of legends together. Thinking for a night of something different and agreed to be with them.

And during the week they would take time to let me understandit during break what is it and would give me overview even on the lol boosting so that I could understand easily when I am already in the game and they are hoping that I would enjoy the experience. So that day finally arrived and I was quite excited to try the game and we went to the coffee shop and they helped me set up my account and helped me get a name. I sort of liked the first experience and had fun not knowing that it was already late and the game leader told us that lets call it a day or rather a night and it was a fun learning experience.