The Advantages Between the Passive Front Helmets from the ADF Helmets

It is a fact that there are 2 kinds of front helmets for welders. These are the passive and the ADF or the Auto darkening welding helmet, which is being used by modern welders nowadays. In this article, you will find out which is much better and which will bring absolute protection to you.

The pros of passive front helmets

• They are more inexpensive than the ADF type.
• They are light in weight and quite comfortable to use. However, those who are fond of nodding will find it hard to use, because the flip will go down all the time. That will bring you discomfort.
• The front helmets are normally clearer than the auto darkening type.
• The lenses are more affordable and can be easily changed. It is also more probable to buy the lenses with various shades and then interchange them when you need to.
• There are no batteries to replace. There are no sensitivity controls to consider. There is nothing to worry about radnor auto darkening welding lens, because there is no sensor.

The pros of using the ADF type of front helmets

• If you are a busy welder, the quality of your welds will be guaranteed when you use the ADF type of front helmets. There is no need to figure out the position of the torch. You will not suffer from neck problem due to head nodding, because you can focus using this type of helmet.
• If you need to weld in a stiff space, it will be simpler for you to go through it. The helmet will not go up and it does not need to go up.
• The neck strain will not be a problem anymore.
• There may be rare cases of arc flashes, probably because of the ADF and the delay in its settings. But, this only happens in a rare basis. There is nothing to worry about.