DIY: Custom 1911 Pistols

One of the best providers of custom 1911 is from the This company has been performing world class custom gunsmithing on 1911 pistols. They accurately calibrate all the different parts of the machine. From the sizes and the color, they are able to address their client’s concerns.They offer their clients a vast variety of selections which cover almost every possibility you would want. Learn about custom 1911 pistols on

Custom Done

Not just the smaller parts, custom 1911 pistols also take pride in their custom finishes. These are developed for firearms use in order to provide a non-reflective tactical surface finish with maximal corrosion protection, abrasion resistance, and enhance lubricity. Upon the final coating done, it is with use of the low curing temperature which prevents parts from damaging. And, provides you the best coating mechanism. They have the most durable, chemical and heat resistant, thermally enhanced finish made available to coat your custom 1911 pistols. Other than the usual protection, they also have those hand-finished coat. These are in deluxe blue, case color hardened or even in matte, brushed or satin stainless steel.

Making It Off

Besides the covers, one of the best offers of custom 1911 pistols is the engraving. You can now avail a custom-built handgun with some spectacular hand engraving sayings, names, or even designs. They have their award-winning engraving artists available to address your concerns. The attention to every detail is what make their artists deliver not only the best but a satisfying work of art. A lot of individuals are even making the engraving mechanism more of collectibles.

Besides the handmade engraving system. They also offer custom and personalized laser engraving. A lot of people nowadays also prefers this one especially when it comes to unit insignia or company logo sets. These are relatively faster yet wonderful finish compared to the hand work.