Custom Way To Make The School Proud

I am the head of one of the exclusive schools in the city and I have been bringing the school’s name to the top of education and the student and faculty as well are very competitive in a lot of activities, may it be in sports, arts or academics. If you are more curious about Custom Labels then you can learn more about it on

This might just be my simple idea, but I think it would have a big impact to our school and would make it easy to identify us inside and outside the campus as well, specially when we would be joining city and regional events. I would want Custom Labels with our school colors and with our school name and seal printed on it. I am sure it would bring honor and prestige to the one using it and retain our exclusivity. I presented this to the school board, and of course at they would be hesitant to go for it as it is something new and most are very conservative and traditional, and with the aging group in the board, they are quite resistant to change.

But I have been very persistent with them and I have been convincing them that it would give so much impact to our school and it would bring pride and glory as well even it is just a small thing. So finally the board had a consensus and agreed to my idea. So after I have ordered our school’s official Custom Labels, I have it distributed to each of the student and staffand everyone was so happy and excited to get their very own Custom Labels. And I could see during break time when the students are around the campus that the Custom Labels are the topic that they are all talking about with good praises and I told myself silently that I was on the right track.