Strategic Evolving Of European Fashion Market

H&M, or an abbreviation for Hennes & Mauritz, is one of the most popular brands in terms of fashion trend with a very competitive price. Because of its popularity, it now expanded even to 14 different countries with 730 stores. Despite the great number, the company still wants to aim bigger and expand with the average of 100 stores annually.

Even those countries that was still untouched by the brand will also be influenced so that each of us are able to identify the trends in European Fashion Market as soon as possible and let people wear elegant clothes with exclusive design in an affordable and reasonable price. Learn about European Designers on

Other Famous Brands

We are all familiar with Marks & Spencer with their assorted products to sell. Since their original release, their market is fluctuating when discounts where introduced, that is why they also decreased their discount. They plan to expand further in countries like Latvia and Baltic States.

One of the leading brands of women clothing is Mango. It is a perfect combination of a quality product made out of exquisite materials and latest fashion trends that you can get in affordable prices. According to their plan to expand, they target countries like Australia, Italy and China as they have successfully expanded on Paris, London and Vienna. To add to the value of their product, they use popular celebrities to endorse their clothes line to make it more popular.

Finally, Karstadt Quelle is another fashion clothes that was a bit unpopular during the recent years. But, the company didn’t lost hope and tries to make a comeback and reorganize their designs, giving them finally the top-quality clothes they want to give to the consumers. Ever since then, their sales have increased and they will now be paying all their debts from the previous years and invest on expanding their stores.