Fleet Insurance Vs Individual Insurance: The Best Insurance For Vans

Taxis, service vans, and trucks are one of the few common examples of transport services that are managed by business entrepreneurs. This business is very handy especially for companies that require shuttle services like hotels or offices and as well as for people who wanted to rent a truck in case they want to move out from their home.

However, managing a lot of vehicles especially service vans for businesses is very hectic, since the price for each van that you need to pay will be quite expensive and it can hurt your income. Also, there will be tons of paperwork involving it. Now, to fix that problem, several insurance companies offer the use of an insurance policy that will cover a fleet of vans instead of just an individual insurance policy for one van each. www.total-insurance.co.uk has more information on the Cheap fleet insurance.

What Are The Advantages?

• Better rates. A type of commercial insurance policy termed as aFleet Insurance has a better rate most of the time than the individual insurance policy.

• Unlike the individual insurance, it also covers not only the vehicles but also the contents inside it. So if ever the van was hit by an accident and the contents that it’s supposed to deliver is destroyed, the insurance company will shoulder it, therefore, you will not lose any revenue in your business.

• Less paperwork. Since the owner only requires one document for a whole fleet of vehicles unlike the individual insurance policy wherein each van needs one paperwork. This is quite troublesome especially if you own 500 vans then you need to sign and process 500 paper works too.

This is why most business entrepreneurs prefer this type of insurance. This type of commercial insurance policy also gives a lot of great offers depending on the quotes they give when you inquire for them.