3 Must Avail Services Of Maxicab

Every now and then people endure the hassle of finding a better transportation service. Good thing there are now transportation services that are available and offer services that can accommodate the needs of potential customers. If you are travelling soon or would want a special service to transport a friend who is in a wheelchair, better check out the following services of Maxicab. You can find more details on maxi cab on the site m.facebook.com.

Wheelchair Transport Service

People who are in a wheelchair find it very hard to ride public transportation, especially if the public commute does not accommodate their condition. This is the reason why people in wheelchair would rather pay for a transport service that gives them the convenience of point to point transfers. With the Maxicab service, people in wheelchair who are willing to pay for their services can choose vans to accommodate their needs making Maxicab as one of the wheelchair friendly transportation services.

Customized Charging

When you pay for transport services one of the things you don’t want to happen is to be surprised with additional charges that was never on the invoice you initially agreed upon. The good thing about Maxicab is that the transport charging rate will depend upon the request of the client or customer. If the client wants to be charged per hour then Maxicab can accommodate it. If the client wants to be charged daily, that too can be arranged. This is what makes Maxicab one of the best customer friendly transport services.

Bulky Item Transfer

People who want bulky items transferred from one point to another finds it hard to transfer such bulky items with less or no hassle at all. When you are looking to transfer bulky items, the one thing you would want to check is the availability of vehicles for you to use as well as the terms and conditions of the rental.

Check out Maxicab and see if they have the services that you want.