Different essay writing services and fees

Profession essay writing service is for the students who want to save time in writing so they can spend more time in other school-related activities. If you're one of the students who want to save time, here are some of the essay writing service you can try.

Rush essays

It's one of the popular services you can try especially if you're meeting a hard deadline. There are many writers who offer this service with a 24-hour turnover time. When you send a message to the writer, you'll receive a response right away and you're essay will be sent the next day. However, expect this service to have a higher rate than the standard rate.

Standard rate

The standard rate depends on the writing service you hire. Some will send you the final copy within three days while some will send you within the week or more. In this case, you need to schedule ahead of time especially if you have a deadline to meet.
It's a good option for students who are saving their money because you don't need to pay much for this service.

Package rate

There are essay writers that offer a package rate. In this type of service, you can use the service for several times at a certain rate. It's perfect if you received a number of essay projects from your professor. With this type of service, you'll be saving money as well.

Retainer package

For a retainer package, you’ll be signing up an agreement that you’re getting a retainer package. In a retainer package, you’re allowed to get a couple of edits and a specific number of essays which are discounted. So, if you think that there will be several essays within the semester, this service is a good option.